Intelligent Regenerative Futures

“A regenerative business acknowledges the interdependence of systems. It constantly seeks to understand its place within the system and the well-being of other life forms it depends on and interacts with and uses this knowledge as a guide for decision-making. It creates value for all stakeholders involved with restorative, inclusive and resilient principles at it roots.”

Who are we?

iReGen Limited was created in 2020 by founder Rhona Morrell, after years working and developing business operations, innovations, sustainability and change management, it was clear the next, deeper level of business understanding was and is REGENERATIVE. Rhona Morrell has a sustainability consultancy and is also founder and CEO of Reclaim Earth CIC. A community interest company set up to help future green initiatives globally with a focus on diversity, equality, developing nations and all things regenerative. Rhona is also a Prices Trust mentor in the UK and a Board Trustee for Education Africa. Check out The Rhona Morrell podcast too.

Get to know more on ESG, Sustainability and regenerative practices

“Designing products, services, systems and processes which lead to ecological and social recovery and keep the systems healthy."