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Whether as an individual, 1- or a 3-day workshop, you’ll get the opportunity not only to learn these skills, traits, and knowledge, but also apply, discuss, and reflect.  Followed by the fun part, to plan, act, and then review with your instructor post-workshop completion.

After taking the course, you’ll have

  • Created the impact and legacy you, your business and your peers want to lead into the future.

  • Created a practical action plan for taking forward a specific sustainable strategy.

  • Learnt creative thinking and "What If?" skills to problem solving and solutions.

  • Understood the interconnectedness and amazing opportunities that exist for the future of you, your organisation, and the planet.

  • Clearer vision and purpose on how you can create a net zero transition.

  • Drive confidence to act and not fear greenwashing.

  • Understand how you can become industry leading and create competitive edge.

  • Certificate of Completion

Course Fundamentals

Educational Literacy

You cannot plan, and problem solve unless you have as much valid information as possible regarding your business function and or industry sector and the winder interconnectedness of sustainability.

3 Month Follow-Up

Included in all workshops is arguably the most important part, the so what? This is when we talk about what has been implemented since the workshop and set a course of further action if required.

Asynchronous Projects & Resources

Our sessions are complemented with a robust set of pre-work, homework, and bonus resources so you can dig deeper into the material on your own time.

Peer-To-Peer Learning

Unless you are taking the individual workshop, you will be encouraged and challenged to create ideas and build with fellow employees.

Who is this course for?

  • Navigating the world of ESG, Sustainability & Regenerative Practices (Corporate)
  • How to Develop & Articulate your Family’s Purpose for Impact Investing (Family Offices & UHNW)
  1. Organisations seeking to elevate their position as a sustainable business, by driving education, action, and measurement of sustainability practices.

2. Those who have started their journey or are thinking about embarking on all things ESG, Sustainability or simply have hit a roadblock.

3. Designed for middle management to C-Suite level employees or teams wanting to learn more about driving increased value and sustainable profit.

4. Course Structure: 

  • 2 Day Couse + Review
  • Condensed 1-Day Course
  • Individual 101 Course
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  1. Highly influential families and individuals worldwide, open to elders, current decision makers, and the next generation.

2. Family groups of up to 10, including, family offices, advisors, lawyers, accountants, and trustees of those who are mandated to help family offices.

3. Closed to other families, unless collaborating families wish to attend together.

4. Course Structure: 

  • 2 Day Couse + Review
  • Condensed 1-Day Course
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Meet your instructor!

Rhona Morrell

Founder & CEO of iReGen & Reclaim Earth

Over the past decade, I have approached the sustainable business space from several different perspectives — as an ESG strategy and cross-functional business lead, as an academic, a podcaster, a project manager, and now as a consultant and entrepreneur. I understand the banging-your-head-against-the-wall feeling that comes with trying to navigate bull*** corporate politics and competing interests to drive the change that so urgently needs to happen.

Through this experience, I’ve come to believe that we need to go beyond articulating the business case to change minds about the social and environmental issues of our time. We also need to build an emotional case, to facilitate the “aha” moments that can shift hearts and lead to real, lasting, regenerative change. Strong communications and community building play a role in this, but so does a connection with your own unique ‘What If’ capabilities and a strong understanding of what makes ESG strategy “stick”.

During these workshops, I’ll share what I’ve learned about impact-focused sustainability, ESG the 4IR, and all things regeneration. From interviews with dozens of corporate responsibility professionals, as well as over a decade of experience supporting the sustainable change efforts of organizations including Treespiracy, EPIC Group, The Naked Collective, UpFlow, Carbon Clarity, The Prince’s Trust, M7 Connects, Rat Race, Panamanian Embassy, COP27, The Rhona Morrell Podcast, SLB Technology to name a few.

After completing any one of these workshops, I hope you will all be able to show up in your work, circles of influence, with more confidence, selling the opportunity and elevating the important work of driving bigger, bolder, more regenerative change across our planet.

Let’s do this! 💪 #GettingSh!tone ​

Got Questions?

No. We’ve designed this course to help ESG, CSR, sustainability and social impact practitioners accelerate their literacy and help those in other business functions increase their awareness and knowledge and develop a culture for all the regard ESG as part of their responsibilities.

This course is suitable for all levels, from early career to C-Suite professionals. Throughout the course, we’ll explore the skills you need to be an effective change agent, focusing on self-reflection and practical tools to help you harness these skills in your own work. In our view, the sooner you can upskill, the better!

If your company offers a learning and development budget, or sets aside budget for training and conferences, you should be able to apply for funding to cover the cost of this course.

To advance diversity in the corporate responsibility profession, we offer a limited number of scholarships and “work-study” arrangements for applicants from underrepresented backgrounds, without corporate backing and/or from smaller organizations. Please get in touch.

YES! This is a running theme throughout all the workshops and you will be encouraged to think about the bigger picture, cross functional working and creative thinking.

Whether you are attending the 2- or 1-Day workshop or the Individual 101 Course, you will need to be present for the entire course, free of phones and meetings.

Circa 2 hours work to complete outside the workshops.

For the Full Day workshops, you will need to complete the Review & Action phase 3 months after completing the course.

No, we run 4 workshops in total:

  • 2 Day Corporate Workshop
  • 1 Day Corporate
  • 101 Individual Workshop
  • 2 Day Family Office Workshop

Still wondering if your business or family office can benefit?

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