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The AIRWELL a game changer for global water shortages, discussions in 18 countries globally.

Panama Restoration & Protection

ALWAYS PROTECT AND RESTORE, avoiding any virgin forests, in collaboration with Rat Race UK, we plan to deliver the following:



FORUS & Mavern

Industrialists of the 4th revolution bringing financial inclusion via a cooperative ecosystem, fully block chain and tokenised system FORUS is an innovative global network working on civic space, Agenda 2030, financing for sustainable development, capacity development and much more. It gathers 67 National NGO Platforms and 7 Regional Coalitions from Africa, America, Asia, Europe and Pacific, together representing over 22 000 organisations.

PNTI – Natural Fertilizer/Rock Powder

PNTI uses standard equipment and processes to convert a combination of mine waste and bio-mass
into biomineral fertilizers. These products are unique in the market because of the high levels of nutrients derived from the mine waste.

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