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Problems in Agriculture Today

Problem 1
While productivity is up, poisons are killing the planet
Problem 2
Pressure on land increases as population grows
Problem 3
In the West, consumers and farmers more eco-conscious
Problem 4
In the East, the focus is still on price and volume
Problem 5
37% of arable land desertified, increasing rapidly
Problem 6
Everywhere, organic produce is considered “expensive”, “ugly”
Problem 7
Farmers want to move to Regenerative farming but need help
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The Opportunity

• Our Timing and First Mover Advantage
• No other marketplaces for regenerative agriculture
• EU Green Deal 360B Euro over 7 years starting 2021
• The 600 Euro per hectare/per cow incentive
• Momentum and Science supporting


• Portugal: Farmer’s Confederation CONFAGRI, Co-ops, leading Retailer Sonae, Agriculture University UTAD support the initiative. Tech Development in progress. Company registered.
• UK: Leeds and Harper Adams Universities support the initiative, alongside Savory Institute and Soil Association
• Australia: University of Western Australia supports the initiative

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